Justice David L. Henehan
Attorney-At-Law, LLB

Estate and Trust Administration

Estate administration involves estates with a Will (“probate”) and estates without a Will (“intestacy”). The major difference is who the beneficiaries are: a Will establishes the beneficiaries, but in intestacy the New York State statutory rules define the beneficiaries. Legal services involve the paperwork to get the “fiduciary” (Executor or Administrator) appointed, and any assistance needed to liquidate and account for the assets, pay debts and expenses, and close the estate.

Estate and Trust Administration Fees

For any estate with real estate and for all estates over $50,000, there many variables requiring what legal services are required so pricing is on a case by case basis. At the initial conference the client and attorney will discuss and agree on the legal fee.

For every "small estate" of less than $50,000 with no real estate, we charge a fixed fee for an Article 13 Voluntary Administration as follows:

Small Estate value Fee
under $4,000 $250
$4,000–$30,000 $600
$30,001–$50,000 $700

Additional services are available. Please inquire for more information.