Justice David L. Henehan
Attorney-At-Law, LLB

Real Estate

David L. Henehan is a member of the Real Estate Section of the New York State Bar Association.

includes drafting or review and approval of purchase contracts, examination of title, arrangements for title insurance, preparing for and attending closing, preparation of attorney title opinion letter.
includes drafting or review and approval of sales contracts, ordering surveys, ordering abstract redates, ordering tax searches; drafting deeds and all other seller‘s documents, preparing for and attending closing, payoff any outstanding mortgage, remitting net sales proceeds to clients.
Family Transfers
these apply when a person wants to add another person to the title or when a senior wants to transfer title to his or her children with a retained life estate for Medicaid planning purposes; the legal services include preparing and recording/filing a deed and the two required documents to complete the transaction.
involves drafting or reviewing a proposed lease between a Landlord and Tenant(s). The property may be either residential or commercial property.
frequently involve drafting a lease with an option to buy. Thus it involves drafting two documents: a lease and a purchase and sale agreement with an option to purchase the leased property. Sometimes the option does not involve a lease, but is only an option agreement with an attached purchase and sale agreement.
Title Insurance
David L. Henehan is a licensed title insurance agent under New York Insurance Law (License No. TLA-1347636). As such, he is authorized to examine real estate titles and write preliminary title insurance reports for owner's and mortgagee's title insurance policies to be issued by Chicago Title Insurance Company. He is paid for such services out of the title insurance premium due to the title insurance company.

The link to the title insurer's premium rate calculator is: ratecalculator.fnf.com

Real Estate Fee Schedule

Fees for Purchase or Sale of Residential or Mobile Homes with Land
Sales Price Fee
0–$49,999 $450.00
50,000–$99,999 $550.00
100,0000–$199,999 $650.00
200,0000–$299,999 $750.00
300,0000–$399,999 $850.00
400,0000 & up Increase fee $50 per $100,000

Fees for Purchase or Sale of Commercial Property

Commercial transactions are generally much more complicated than residential ones. Appropriate legal fees are assessed on a case by case basis.
Fees for miscellaneous real estate transactions
Transaction Fee
Building contract Hourly
Deed/Family transfer $400
Memorandum of Trust $75
Discharge of Mortgage $100
Mechanics Lien $300
Mobile Home Transfer (no land) $300
Mortgage Refinance (with closing) $400
Mortgage Refinance (with closing, Chicago Title) $300
Mortgage Refinance (without closing) $250
Purchase Offer (draft or review before closing) $125
Construction Loan (with closing) $400
Construction Loan (with closing, Chicago Title) $300
Construction Loan (without closing) $250

Additional services are available. Please inquire for more information.